Using eCards for Greater Helena Gives

eCards FAQs

What is an eCard?

Like other digital gift cards, GiveGab's eCards can be purchased and used to make a gift directly on your Giving Day site. Through this offering, any Giving Day supporter can share the joy of fundraising with their friends, family, or colleagues.

How do I buy an eCard?

eCards are easy to purchase and allow you to designate a recipient’s name and email address, along with a personalized message. The recipient will receive the eCard via email with instructions on how to use the gift.

Multiple eCards may be purchased by credit card and paid for all at once if you choose.

If you wish to send an eCard to someone and you do not have the recipient's email address, we recommend inputting your personal email and printing out the receipt to gift in person.

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Please note that the purchase of an eCard is not tax-deductible.

I received an eCard; how do I use it?

Once you have decided who to support and have placed your donation(s) in the gift basket, select the eCard payment method on Step 2 of the donation process. Make sure to have your eCard receipt ready because you will need the confirmation number to complete your transaction.

When selecting your donation amount(s), please note that your total gift cannot exceed your eCard amount as transactions may not be split across payment methods at this time.

Donations made with an eCard are tax-deductible to you, the donor. For specific questions concerning the tax-deductibility of a donation, please consult a tax professional.

Please review this support article for additional step-by-step instructions on how to use your eCard!

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Are eCards Refundable?

No, the purchase of an eCard is non-refundable. Additionally, donations made with eCards are non-refundable. 

When can I use an eCard?

eCards must be used within two years of purchase. An eCard can be used while donations are open for Greater Helena Gives.

Is there a fee when purchasing an eCard?

Yes, the fee for purchasing an eCard is the same as the Giving Day credit card fee.

Can you give to more than one organization using a single eCard?

Yes! You can give to multiple organizations using a single eCard, however; the total given cannot exceed the balance of the eCard.

Do donations made from an eCard count towards prizes?

Yes! Donations made with an eCard do count towards prizes.

Will my eCard expire?

Yes, eCards will expire 2 years from the date of purchase.